North Dakota

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Updated:  5/1/2018

Summary Dentist

Renewal Deadline:  December 31st
Renewal Period:  2 Years
Required Hours:  32

State Mandated CE Courses:  CPR, 2 hours Infection Control, 2 Hours Ethics or jurisprudence

Limits on Courses:  16 hour of self-study

Other:  4 hrs of sedation or anesthesia is applicable

Summary RDH

Renewal Deadline:  December 31st
Renewal Period:  2 Years
Required Hours:  16

State Mandated CE Courses:  CPR, 2 hours Infection Control, 2 Hours Ethics

Limits on Courses: 8 hour of self-study



North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners

North Dakota Asministratice Code 20-02-01-06

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20-02-01-06. Continuing dental education for dentists.

Each dentist shall provide evidence on forms supplied by the board that the dentist has attended or participated in continuing dental education in accordance with the following conditions:

1. Continuing education activities include publications, seminars, symposiums, lectures, college courses, and online education.

2. The continuing dental education hours will accumulate on the basis of one hour of credit for each hour spent in education. Subject matter directly related to clinical dentistry will be accepted by the board without limit.

3. The minimum number of hours required within a two-year cycle for dentists is thirty-two. Of these hours, a dentist may earn no more than sixteen hours from self-study. Self-study is an educational process designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject without involvement of a proctor. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses must provide hands-on training. All other continuing education requirements may be satisfied from online education. The continuing education must include:

     a. Two hours of ethics or jurisprudence. Passing the laws and rules examination is the equivalent of two hours of ethics or jurisprudence.
     b. Two hours of infection control.
     c. A cardiopulmonary resuscitation course.
     d. For anesthesia permitholders, four hours related to sedation or anesthesia.

4. Mere registration at a dental convention without specific attendance at continuing education presentations will not be creditable toward the continuing dental education requirement.

5. All dentists must hold a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate. Anesthesia permitholders are required to maintain current advanced cardiac life support certification or pediatric advanced life support as specified by permit.

6. The board may audit the continuing education credits of a dentist. Each licensee shall maintain certificates or records of continuing education activities from the previous renewal cycle. Upon receiving notice of an audit from the board, a licensee shall provide satisfactory documentation of attendance at, or participation in the continuing education activities listed on the licensee's continuing education form. Failure to comply with the audit is grounds for nonrenewal of or disciplinary action against the license.

7. A dentist who maintains a license on inactive status is not subject to continuing education requirements.